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The Medusa Frequency Concordance

This page offers a Key Word in Context (KWIC) Concordance to Russell Hoban's 1974 novel The Medusa Frequency.

The text of The Medusa Frequency is © 1987 Russell Hoban.


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A Note on Page Numbering

Page numbers in the concordance refer to

The 2021 Penguin edition in the Modern Classics series was completely reset, with significantly less text on each page, resulting in 176 pages as against 160.

The table shows the start pages of each chapter in

ChapterPage     ChapterPage
17     15103
28     16107
312     17113
417     18124
531     19126
642     20127
749     21129
853     22133
958     23134
1063     24136
1168     25137
1275     26139
1380     27141
1493     28143

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