Thoke Music

The Ballad of Goatless Turpin: Music*Piano: R; Vocal: T
Wordsby RT

"I bled to death on Highgate Hill": MusicPiano: R; Vocal: JTA
Wordsby RAT (from "The Jug")

"From Turkestan to Samarkhand...": MusicPiano: R; Vocal: G
Wordsby PRT (from "The Ill-Drained Twosome")

"The snow falls each morning at 6.35": MusicPiano: R; Vocal: G; Backing vocal: AT
Wordsby RT (from "The Putative Egg")

"She never tells me yes or no": MusicPiano: R; Vocal: T
Wordsby RTN (from "The Rat Fathom")

Music is improvised except in pieces marked *

Key to Contributors

AMr Anthony Golding
GMr Graham Shaw
JMiss Jenifer Ball
NMr Nigel Buckler
PMr Peter Christian
RMr Roland Clare
TMr Antony Galton