The Spoonbill Generator

At First Simply Guessing

There was a young lady fron Dar-es-Salaam [TG]

Nobody guessed she would come to much harm [Roland]

So why did they press her to run with the pack? [TG]

How did she come to get shot in the back? [Roland]

What piece of lore did she fatally lack? [P]

Why had she only one arm? [TG]

Lost on the road between Ghana and Ghent [Roland]

Lacking the money to pay for the rent [TG]

So why did they press her to join the Marines? [Roland]

How would it end if she hadn't the means? [TG]

What could account for the villainous scenes [Roland]

Why was her other arm bent? [TG]

Deep in the caves between Kent and Cadiz [Roland]

Lies hidden a bottle of poisonous fiz [P]

So what made her hanker to sample this brew? [Roland]

How could she tell if the label read true? [TG]

Was there some secret that only she knew? [Roland]

What made her stop for a zizz? [TG]

Sunk in a silo on Salisbury Plain [Roland]

Whistling a tune through a gap in the hedge [TG]

Why did she lie there all night in the rain? [Roland]

Who could she turn to? Who'd hear her complain? [TG]

Only Staff-Officers soft in the brain [Roland]

Why did she cling to the ledge? [TG]

Let us not bother with answers. Our task [Roland]

Is surely to strip off her elegant mask [TG]

Why do we trouble to flesh out the rest [Roland]

Why carry on when the cast is depressed? [TG]

Why wield the dactyl, the lame anapaest [Roland]

We know what it is we must ask [TG]

Why does eleven, divided by three [Roland]

Never get answered in time for high tea? [TG]

Where's the remainder at twenty past five [Roland]

Why does such partial vugarity thrive? [TG]

How can we tell that our minds are alive ... [Roland]

Who, since you ask it, are we? [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 20th July 1998.