The Spoonbill Generator

Only Transient Sheep

Hiatus and Hibiscus are the names of my two sheep [The Agent Apsley]

Hiatus likes to hiccough and Hibiscus likes to beep, [Stacy]

The only time I get some peace is when they're both asleep! [P]

Hiatus went to Knaresborough and turned the ladies' heads [TG]

Hibiscus stayed at home and cursed "those wicked slimy reds" [P]

They only cease to argue when they're tucked up in their beds! [TG]

Hiatus lit a candle and intoned a solemn prayer [P]

As a practice that is holy, but a measure that is rare [The Agent Apsley]

Hibiscus, on the other hand, is now a millionaire [P]

Hibiscus dotes on chocolate, Hiatus dines on cheese [The Agent Apsley]

And both are rather prone to do exactly as they please [P]

One wonders if this ovine pair have learned their ABCs [Dano]

And do they have fleas? [nomi]

Hibiscus ate a pencil and promptly down did fall [The Agent Apsley]

Hiatus trapped a frightened little hamster in the hall [TG]

The world turns 'round, in ways profound [Rippy]

That sages do confound [The Agent Apsley]

Hiatus and Hibiscus sent a message to the Queen [TG]

"Our Agent of Desire comes disguised as Mr. Clean" [Rippy]

"Balls!" Said the Queen "If I had two I'd be king" [nomi]

Hiatus ran for office, Hibiscus took the hump [The Agent Apsley]

The hoary throng of pistoleros bravely manned the pump [Rippy]

And, adding to divergence, felt the inklings of a lump. [The Agent Apsley]

Hibiscus was in the kitchen eating toast and jam. [Best Boy]

Hiatus was seen in Scotland in the company of a lamb [Anon.]

Then off to New York City, to buy stock, and pull a scam. [spawn of Rippy]

Last I heard, he was employed by the notorious Uncle Sam. [Dew Drop]

Hiatus or Hibiscus, it really matters nought [Rippy]

Depending on the matter of what they both have sought [Paloma]

And matter's merely patter when a sot ought quaff a draught [dano]

And thus it is, my children, that if you can't agree [Bop]

Just go into the pantry and endure the third degree [The Agent Apsley]

Hiatus and Hibiscus will just sit and sip their tea [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Stacy, P, TG, Dano, nomi, Rippy, Best Boy, Anon., spawn of Rippy, Dew Drop, Paloma, dano, Bop.
Poem finished: 21st January 1999.