The Spoonbill Generator

The Lewd Mouths Squeal

Carnivores, despite the laws [Roland]

Are quite aware of all the flaws [P]

And failings in their feeding; [Roland]

And though they frequently protest [P]

That all they do is for the best [Roland]

Their statements are misleading. [Bop]

They lie, indeed, through sharpened teeth [P]

That chomp no herbage on the heath [Roland]

But seize the living muscle [P]

And when their bleating victims bleed [Roland]

They say, "But surely we must feed!" [P]

Then tendon, bone, corpuscle [Roland]

They shed no tear for fish nor fowl [TG]

Devouring armpit, nape and bowel [Roland]

With almost no compunction [P]

And if perchance the smallest bit [Bop]

Of sense that this might not be fit [TG]

Should interrupt their luncheon, [Roland]

They snarl at one who'd be so bold [P]

To criticise, to scorn or scold [Roland]

With nothing but derision [P]

"Begone, you tofu-munching bore!" [TG]

And then, their jowls aswill with gore, [Roland]

They make a sharp incision [P]

But here's the rub: far happier they [TG]

Who dine on cactus-juice and hay [Roland]

And other such provisions [P]

Than those who gnaw their kinsmen's bones [Roland]

Indifferent to gastric groans [TG]

And murderous decisions [P]

Contributors: Roland, P, Bop, TG.
Poem finished: 9th February 1999.