The Spoonbill Generator

The Knight who Rode a Goat to Barcelona

Before the porcupine descends [Roland]

To right all wrongs and trim the ends [P]

Of anguish [Roland]

We'll gather round the rushy glow [TG]

Of all the embers here below [Roland]

And languish [P]

Beneath the halo of his quills [Roland]

Among the long-remembered hills [TG]

Of Eire [Roland]

Where bards of old once told the tale [P]

Of ancient wines and casks of ale [Elizabeth]

Sans gučrre [The Agent Apsley]

Before we knew the porcupine [O]

In days of roses and of wine [TG]

Quite cloudy [Roland]

We spent our days bereft of light [Grayman]

Like architects – though not as bright [Roland]

Or rowdy [The Agent Apsley]

We thought ourselves quite happy there [TG]

Though scarcely blithe, not debonair [Roland]

Unknowing [TG]

What the procupine could bring [P]

To such an humble gathering [Roland]

(Drink flowing) [TG]

And though we thought our wisdom great [P]

We lacked the power to create [Roland]

Nirvana [Grayman]

On coasts of ivory or gold [Roland]

Where seldom does one catch a cold [The Agent Apsley]

Iguana [TG]

Where seldom might one glimpse the dawn [Roland]

Or frolic on the dewy lawn [Katie]

Pyjama [Robin]

Less or strewn with blooms aplenty [The Agent Apsley]

Colourful yet quite unscenty [TG]

Sahara [Rob]

We settled freely for our lot [TG]

And now we've paid for what we've got [Katie]

Try harder [Sam]

To eat your greens up in one go [Rob]

And write your forename in the snow [TG]

With icing [The Agent Apsley]

For this the Porcupine has oft foretold [P]

That those who seek for streets of gold [TG]

Enticing [P]

Will inherit all the riches of the sea [The Agent Apsley]

And have their names recorded for posterity [Katie]

to ponder [Roland]

The weft of life's rich tapestry [Grayman]

The taste of trigonometry [P]

Far yonder [The Agent Apsley]

Where the Gorgon's stony gaze [P]

Penetrates the murky haze [KT]

Each morning [TG]

And the Siren's deadly song [Grayman]

And the pigg with the luminous dong [The Agent Apsley]

Goes crazy [Rob]

As who wouldnt? [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, Elizabeth, The Agent Apsley, O, Grayman, Katie, Robin, Rob, Sam, KT.
Poem finished: 16th October 1999.