The Spoonbill Generator


If the prophets who foretell my life [P]

Foresee the nature of this sullen yoke [Roland]

Would I be forewarned to avoid such strife [Grayman]

For ever? No, my love! I would not choke [E Greejius]

Back the words that bind my path to yours [KT]

Through thick and thin and textures in between [Bop]

Nor give you exile from my strong amours [P]

(Powerful, unyielding, just a bit obscene) [Bop]

Yet prophecy is weak; a stronger bond [Roland]

(We do have world enough! We do have time!) [E Greejius]

Must grow apace: those verses that we conned [Bop]

Shall reap, in love, their deficit of rhyme [Roland]

To love with every future quite unknown [P]

Extol our richest blossoms -- yet unblown! [E Greejius]

Contributors: P, Roland, Grayman, E Greejius, KT, Bop.
Poem finished: 14th February 2000.