The Spoonbill Generator

Father, Forgive Our Carpentry

The practice of law is a terminal bore [TG ]

The theory is scarcely more cheery [Roland]

And doing those things that are wicked or wrong [P]

Can quite perk you up when life's dreary [TG ]

But that's not the point of my song ... [Roland]

The people who teach seem like tar on the beach [TG ]

Spoiling each bird that they're oiling [Roland]

And singing those songs that the oysters adore [TG ]

'Til the saucepan is more-or-less boiling [Roland]

But listen, I want to say more... [TG ]

Those latterday tutors who work with computers [Roland]

Can't grapple with aught but an Apple [TG ]

And choosing a wife from the Beauties of Bath [Roland]

Inevitably leads to the chapel [P]

But let's try to stick to the path ... [Roland]

While workers with books - why, they're nothing but crooks! [TG ]

Slyly enlargin' each margin [Roland]

And filling each line with their ems and their ens [TG]

As hyphens superfluous barge in [Roland]

Now, how to go on? That depends... [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 22nd March 2001.