The Spoonbill Generator

Satanists With No Desire For Pontifical Stripes

I bought a thing on ebay       [TG ]

Though instinct bade me stall:       [Roland ]

An antique Belgian bidet       [TG ]

Twice used by Pope John-Paul       [Roland ]

Ought not be sold reserveless       [Beefy ]

At such a starting-price       [Roland ]

I set my target, nerveless       [TG ]

And pressed the button ... twice!       [Roland ]

I'd never learned to master       [TG ]

The motions of the mouse       [Roland ]

This caused no small disaster       [TG ]

And irked my watching spouse:       [Roland ]

"Where do you plan to put it?"       [TG ]

I gave a moment's thought       [Roland ]

'Twas true, where could I put it?       [Beefy ]

What nonsense had I bought?'       [Roland ]

I sold that thing on ebay       [Beefy ]

At least, that was the plan:       [Roland ]

In memory of D-day       [TG ]

A buyer from Straban       [Roland ]

Made different suggestion       [TG ]

In e-mails, two or more       [Roland ]

Which caused me then to question       [TG ]

The vendor's 'Belgian' lore ...       [Roland ]

I wondered, should I keep it?       [TG ]

And charge a fee to view?       [Roland ]

It quite disturbed my sleep, it       [TG ]

Disturbed my wife's sleep too       [Roland ]

"Whatever were you thinking?"       [TG ]

(She guessed that I was high       [Roland ]

The way my eyes kept blinking)       [TG ]

"Is rubbish all you buy?       [Roland ]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 16th September 2004 by Beefy.