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City: Boston, MA

Concerts: 27

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including a set list if available.


30 Oct 1967Psychedelic Supermarket?
30 Oct 1967Psychedelic Supermarket?
09 Feb 1968Psychedelic Supermarket
25 Apr 1968Boston Tea Party
22 Nov 1968Psychedelic Supermarket
23 Nov 1968Psychedelic Supermarket
28 Mar 1969Boston Arena
14 Jul 1969Boston Tea Party?
14 Jul 1970Boston Tea Party
15 Jul 1970Boston Tea Party
16 Jul 1970Boston Tea Party
28 Apr 1971The Music Hall
01 Sep 1971Boston Common
14 Apr 1972Aquarius Theatre
05 Nov 1972Aquarius Theatre
04 Apr 1973Orpheum Theatre
23 Apr 1974The Music Hall
26 Oct 1975Paul's Mall
27 Oct 1975Paul's Mall
28 Oct 1975Paul's Mall
29 Oct 1975Paul's Mall
30 Oct 1975Paul's Mall
18 May 1992Paradise Rock Club
15 Jun 2010Bank Of America Pavilion
21 Jul 2012Bank of America Pavilion
04 Mar 2019City Winery
05 Mar 2019City Winery

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