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The Spoonbill Generator

A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse

Salvaged poems

TitleFirst line
2004 Jun 16Stewed Sea-weed, Nothing MorePip, as a boy, the marshes trod
2004 Jul 2Domestic MeltdownThe problem is easy to see
2004 Jul 5Who Knows More Than Folk?To yield without coercion
2004 Jul 14Each Weary WelcomingTo redefine our clique
2004 Aug 19Save Our Dickensian SurrogatesScuttling from clime to clime
2004 Aug 27We Penguins Have Closed Supper Clubs ForeverI'm an escapee from sanity
2004 Oct 5Credible Safe Kill FactorVirus warfare for our times
2004 Oct 8Not Allowed In Our PicnicsA tide of rash assumptions
2004 Nov 16Your Stupid Obsession With Unworldly People-CarriersShe whitewashed me into the corner
2004 Nov 24All Things Can Be Overturned In TimeJoin the dance, you naiads all,
2004 Dec 11Watery Flapjacks, Damn It!Adam and Eve had reason to grieve
2004 Dec 14Every Third Word Recited Effortlessly (Canticle )"A pox upon thee, wretched cur!"
2005 Jan 26Enough Said: The Undershirts Finally ArrivedDamn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN!
2005 Feb 22The Alphabet Artfully Reconstructed From BedspringsAwake! Before the porridge starts to burn!
2005 Feb 23If PerchanceBold insurgence swept from coast to coast
2005 Mar 10Wherever Tuesday BluesLittle Jack Horner sat in a corner
2005 Mar 23Incoherence Everywhere Discovered AnewThe horror-shows of ancient Gaul
2005 Mar 31Our Vectors Ineptly ComputedChucked up, chucked out
2005 Apr 14We Wish You Joy Of HaggisBefore I close this inquest
2005 Apr 21Vestments In Velvet Of MidnightOnly a quarter
2005 Apr 25While Letting Agencies Do Their DamnedestWe pick on them because we know
2005 Jul 19High TeethJuicy plums for me to bite!
2005 Jul 29Our Technocrats Under DuressStrontium nitrate
2005 Oct 25Half Baked WhollyStalk the streets of Serenissima
2005 Nov 13Goodfellow MosesA secret door
2006 May 12Elixirs Of Godknows WhatI took a sip. I didn't know
2006 May 31The Legend Of The SphereI'll tell you the tale of a boy from the East
2006 Jun 16Night ThoughtsWhen o'er the willows whipporwills
2006 Jun 20The Lost BanterThou, pollen, art my nemesis
2006 Sep 7Showmen, Their Regrettable LegendTonsils made of plastic
2006 Sep 8The Blanched Almonds of HobokenThe pool beneath the breakfast hall
2006 Dec 17He See Nothing With RelishThe price of dodging RSI
2007 Jan 15Recipe For A Very Quiet AirplaneAdd a fraction from the jar
2007 Mar 19They Taught Pointless RulesOnto Oban, with a snail,