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Song: The Thin End of the Wedge

Released on: Exotic Birds and Fruit (1974)

Known live performances: 10

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26% of gigs —1967–1977
88% of gigs — 1991–2019


23 Apr 1974The Music HallBoston, MAUSA
04 May 1974Auditorium TheatreRochester, NYUSA
15 May 1974Felt ForumNew York, NYUSA
25 Oct 1974TivoliCopenhagenDenmark
30 Oct 1974NjaardhallenOsloNorway
09 Nov 1974Imperial College LondonLondonEngland
10 Nov 1974Wimbledon TheatreLondonEngland
16 Nov 1975KonserthusetGothenburgSweden
19 May 1992The PalladiumNew York, NYUSA
19 Jul 1997The Harlequin TheatreRedhillEngland

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