When I consider how my life is spent IV



When I consider how my life is spent
Among the trappings of the saddler's trade
Among the silent leather, by the fire
As harnesses all for the Queen are made
And leather gauntlets for the ageing sire
And half-hose stockings for the jailer's niece
I stop to think where my dreams all went
1 long for life to start, my sleep to cease.

If you propose a format for my life
Dictate what trade is best for me to learn
Suggest the place where I can try my skill
Reveal to me what thought cannot discern
What films of false "elastic" cannot fill
The empty space where Vaccuum weeps alone
And Nature sleeps, abhoring Vaccuum's wife,
In honied words the strains of love intone.

Tell me now what schemes you have in mind
And I to you my story shall relate
A story of extract ions and disdain
That make the mangled matrix of my fate.
And would you blush for secrets left untold?
And having blushed, would blushing start again
And would you leave your thermos in the cold?
Oh, do not leave, you know my love is yours
You know your lust for bacon has no cures.