My deception I cannot maintain
When rivals as ruthless as he
Have told my wives about my lives
Have pitted their wits against mine

The blackguard who seduced my wives
(Who's handsome as handsome can be)
Has killed me now, I take my vow
On the reproduction line

For he has let my two wives meet
Has reconciled disparity
He's reconciled my Prudence mild
With moneyminded Charity

The callgirl too knows my deceit
She scans with puissant lens
My scurvy trick, my sundered brick
- I'm pecked by threefold hens

With pencil blue my life I mark
With Antigens I cancel
Arrested I am glad to lie
Pieladen, in the chancel

Found out I must confess my crime
(The task is less than pleasant)
My colleagues shun the foreman's son
For now all three are present!