Only chaos and old night can part thee now from terror
Only gin, alluring sin, can keep thee safe from home
Home was then and only then they made an untold error
Only then can errant men allow themselves to home
I hold no grudge against the Pope, his precepts or his pclips

I hold my tongue with hymns unsung, no paeans for my kin
But only for that shining girl, her sveldt relief and chic lips
Her shining hair (O hear my prayer) with her I'd like to sin

Reported speech!
"Quite unaccustomed as I am
To speaking in this hall
I must point out that he's a sham
And she, a sorry shawl
We must condemn him out of hand
Lesht drunkenness embarrash
This bigamist, he must be banned
By good folk of the parish"
Here ends reported speech!

Enchanting Prudence! Black and white has made thy charm so pale
Charming Prue, what will you do to keep him by your side
Will you keep him warm enough by quoting 'Winter's Tale'
You're his wife, so save his life" the Guild of Women cried
And in a less than happy voice our subject then replied:

He's not the only wicked one, there is an Other Man
An evil man whose destiny was aught to do with Bomb
He came up to the house one day, I turned around and ran
His name is not, (I have forgot) nor Harry, Dick, nor Tom
I do not know where he will go, or even where he's from!