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The Spoonbill Generator

A Golden Treasury of Collaborative Verse

Poems completed in 1996

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Hall of Fame

TitleFirst line

1996 Jun 1This Gastronomical HeadboardI have it in mind to purchase a pie

1996 Jul 1Voluntary PithBarquentine of Arkansas, the dismal oaf here,

1996 Sep 5Undeniably AwashZernebock howls.

1996 Nov 1Cost-effective StarlightThere is room for two legs in my trousers
1996 Nov 1Jail-mouth SlimeAt the risk of sounding spiteful, I shall tell you what I think
1996 Nov 12Blow-torch ConquestsNeither of the archetypes was very much in vogue
1996 Nov 28FrissonWhat I say is seldom what I mean,

1996 Dec 8Yellow Paris HagsSt Vitus, in his winter robe
1996 Dec 10Shakespearean TemptationFourteen tubes of toothpaste mark my grave
1996 Dec 15Soar, churlish repetiteur!Day breaks like a condor's egg
1996 Dec 16Hectoring tripeEnough of your brutal evasions!
1996 Dec 16More Heretical BombastAt Hampton Wick
1996 Dec 24The Furnishing Witches, or Lucy's Festive WagerWit of pig and limb of bat
1996 Dec 26Misadventures Without MisconductThe travails of my giroscope
1996 Dec 27The Lilliputan Comb'"Inertia"? What a charming name!'

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