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2007 Apr 13Three Blonde MiceOff to other hemispheres
2007 Apr 11Pop Goes My Rotten HamsterA dozen spindly orphans
2007 Mar 29Ancestral Portraits: Girl AskanceEthel had the sharpest wit,
2007 Mar 28Sleeping is no PhenomenonTinctures of old lead
2007 Mar 26Unless Cruel Servitude BeckonsThis lizard, crabbed and taut,
2007 Mar 21My Desire Seldom Lights My DesireRainbow bright across the loch
2007 Mar 19They Taught Pointless RulesOnto Oban, with a snail,
2007 Mar 17That Final CatheterWhy not howl at Saturn?
2007 Mar 16Daily PorkishPork, to sample - on a spoon
2007 Mar 15Lest We Forge Unwitting JubilationThese brinks on which we teeter
2007 Mar 9Never Meant to HarmA nasturtium, rambling fine and crunchy,
2007 Mar 6Discovered in RamseyString in pieces, string combined,
2007 Mar 6Lichfield Parkway MumbleHail, Nervosa Trollop
2007 Mar 2Duplicitous Herrings in Identifiable WatercoursesCatechresis mumbles, in the final act,
2007 Mar 1Before More Nuns Knew Lisaveta PilchardTirades against The Steady State
2007 Feb 28When Leaves TurnSurely she was never real
2007 Feb 26Interface Not Found - Contact the LibrarianAs to orientation I've begun a new Úlite
2007 Feb 26The Nephews of LeonardI'd heard of Silas Marner
2007 Feb 19Fragments ConcludedUnion State gave way to blues - in a doleful way -
2007 Feb 18Desire ItWhatever we choose
2007 Feb 18Of Not, Of NotIn the trysting parlour
2007 Feb 18Vulva Pinxit HincWounded and silently brooding
2007 Feb 17Gates Shut By AccidentStunned, stunned
2007 Feb 15Clumps and WispsOrthodontists wrecked my life
2007 Feb 15Plutarch, Amnesia AbroadGrievances and Remonstrance are my middle names
2007 Feb 14Howsomever, QueyntelyWhen I fell in love with you
2007 Feb 14Who Shall Own Nerina PallotNerina Pallot« sings divinely
2007 Feb 12Squid DivinityProem, poem, words of praise -
2007 Feb 8Whatsoever It Findeth North of DunfermlineFor the Law was given through Moses